About Us

is an online shop offering consumers a great range of electric scooters.
We are committed to becoming the most reliable and trusted online retailer of electric rideables
in the UK.
We don’t just want to deliver an item to your door, but we’d like you to have fun with it.

When it comes to our hoverboards and scooters on sale, we are considering everything from visual
design, to quality and safety.
Our approach to customers is to take care of them as if they are a relative,
(meaning we don’t suffer fools :).

One of our priorities is to provide the customer with enough information before any
buying takes place. After all you are buying a proper machine, a vehicle. It’s a bit like buying a car or a cat.
They are not just for Christmas.

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332 Balham High Rd

Greater London
SW17 7AA
United Kingdom

Tel: 020-3393-5303