Model Comparison


Choosing the Right Electric Scooter

Each of our scooters are different. They vary in size, weight, power and ways of riding.
Whether it’s a gift to yourself or someone else, this Comparison Page will help you make the right decision.
Any of our electric scooters will give you an adrenaline rush or put you in a “flow state”.

From our website you can choose from four types of Swegway hoverboards, varying in size, weight and power. Select from two types of Segboards (the ones with steering handles) and one adult kick-scooter.
Let’s break it down.

First and foremost, unbeknown to most the words Swegway and hoverboard are interchangeable. They are one and the same. More about it in the FAQ.

1. Swegway Hoverboards

  • Classic Hoverboard
  • Disco Hoverboards
  • Off-Road Hoverboards
  • Hoverboards with inflatable tyres

2. Segboards

  • Bossy
  • Bossman

3. Adult Kick-Scooter

  • Kickster


white Swegway with fireproof battery

The SWIFT with Extra-Safe Battery Container – perfect for small kids

The “Classic” Swegway / hoverboard is the lightest model (9.3 kg) in our range.  It is the first choice for young riders and beginners.
The Classic hoverboard looks identical to the groundbreaking ORIGINAL 6.5” tyre hoverboard  and has the same urban style. The Classicis the latest take on this much loved bestseller. The biggest change is the addition of a fireproof container for the Lithium-Ion battery. Bluetooth is now standard.

Smaller Battery – Extra-Safe

Weighing only 10kg means it’s easy to manoeuvre this scooter. Two 300 watt engines power the “Classic”, and push it to its maximum speed limit of 15 km/h.

Charging Time 30 min (80% full)

Riding time is around two hours depending on weight of the driver and terrain.
Thanks to lithium-ion technology, the battery can be charged to 80% in 30 min.
First time rider can learn the ropes in half an hour.

The Falcon 8 Inch Black Hoverboard

The Disco – Going Places shining bright

One up in technology from the Classic is the Disco Swegway. It has the same colour range as the Classic with the addition of an led marguee.

It takes only 30 minutes to charge the battery 80%. The hoverboards’ speakers are excellent. Why not create your own soundtrack as you ride on the Disco

SUV Extreme Light Grey all terrain hoverboard

SUV EXTREME – The Off-Roader (800 Watts)

This Hummer hoverboard is impressive on difficult terrain.
Its’ 8.5” off-road tyres allow you to explore off the beaten track. This makes it ideal for out of town exploration.
If you do head off-road, the SUV Extremes’ powerful engines (two x 400 watts) combined with excellent ground clearance makes it the best choice.

Bluetooth App
The in-built speakers on this larger SUV Xtreme give you the best sound quality of all our machines.
The Bluetooth app has additional features allowing you to check your actual speed, distance travelled and your power reserve. You can easily adjust speed or the sensitivity of the gyroscope.
Its remote control lets you switch the unit on and off.
On-Road it is super smooth and the fastest accelerating  hoverboard.




Both our Segboards, the BOSSY and the BOSSMAN, feel as if they can read your mind. They move you automatically in the direction you want to go (with a bit of steering that is).
Did you know that using an electric scooter as your mode of transport emits less carbon than walking? So, if you want to do your bit for green and pollution free living get yourself a Segboard.

Details details details
The BOSSY from “Hoverboard-UK” is powered by two 400 watts, 36V Lithium-Ion engines. It can run on stone-paved roads, over grass, off-road, and on angles which slope more than 15 degrees. The inflatable 10” tyres help to buffer your ride. The maximum speed is 15km/h. This feels extremely fast because of your upright position. It takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery fully, but only 30 minutes to charge it up to 80% (magic). Connecting to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and listen to music is one of the great features of the BOSSY electric scooter. There’s a remote which lets you switch the unit on and off.


The larger BOSSMAN with its flowing lines looks nothing short of awesome. It is BOSSY’s bigger sister and has more power under the bonnet. 1300 Watt, TÜV tested 63V Lithium-Ion batteries, 5500 mAh and big 15″ Zoll inflatable tyres. Two 650 Watt engines guarantee quick acceleration and speeds of up to 18 km/h. The larger 15” tyres make rides across uneven pavements and forest paths a lot of fun.

How does Bossman work?

This machine is intelligent. It keeps you balanced and intuitively knows when you want to move, stop and turn.
As you lean forward, BOSSMAN’s intuition kicks in. Instead of gravity taking you down, the wheels pick up speed and the sensors keep the platform level.
The same goes for reverse. Lean back and that’s where you go. The wheels are spinning in that direction to keep you from hitting the ground.

Adult Scooter for Commuters

Adult Scooter for Commuters


It’s super lightweight at 6.3kg. The deck is low enough to allow you to kick off easily. The Kickster is so light that you can scoot around with the power switched off and still have lots of fun. Switch on the power button at the front of the T-bar handle, push off and wait for the torque to pull you away.

The 350W engine sits neatly in the front tube.
Its’ front brakes ensure you can stop quickly and safely. In an emergency you can also use the manual friction brake at the rear wheel. The bright and large integrated LED strip is perfect for night riding or in poor visibility. There’s a micro-display with readouts of speed, power level from one to three and distance travelled. The rubber wheels are 5” in diameter and surprisingly wide at 1.7”. The carbon deck is semi-flexible like a skateboard. The bounce of the deck acts like suspensions to give you a comfortable ride.

Why buy from Hoverboard UK?

If there is talk in the media about hoverboards, it’s often negative. As a company, we are aware that many retailers are cutting corners because EU and UK regulations are very stringent. It is also true that the typical online seller is based in China and sells to UK customers without the required certifications.

Our electric scooters are all tested in Germany

We only work with partners who take safety, directives and regulations very seriously. Which better country to go to find serious partners than Germany? Our hoverboards are tested and checked in Germany. Extra care is taken for UK customs, because we want to comply with all the existing laws.

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Why should kids have all the fun? Introducing the Kickster e-scooter for adults

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Our electric vehicles are imported from Germany were they have undergone stringent testing

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The Swift 6.5″ Hoverboard with battery in fire retardant casing ideal for kids

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