Hoverboard Repairs

How to diagnose a fault on your hoverboard and how to repair it

This little hoverboard repair tutorial will help you with your electric scooter fault diagnosis.
Save yourself money. Instead of paying someone (us) for repairing your hoverboard, do it yourself.
Most issues arise because of some cables inside are loose or disconnected.
This usually happens because the cables are shaken off when riding or any other minor mishap.
Do not worry, if you have a screw driver to hand, you’ll be able to fix your hoverboard in just 15 minutes.

Check your hoverboard

A hoverboard has three circuit boards underneath.One big main board and two side-boards.

Check the circuit boards of your hoverboard

Check if all cables are still firmly attached to the circuit boards of your hoverboard.

 Step by step repair tips for your hoverboard

Learn the ABC of Hoverboard Repair
A: Battery motor power cables.
You’ll see  three cables, if any of them is disconnected, one side of the motor will lose balance.
B: Battery side hall cable. This connector has five thinner cables. If any of them is either disconnected or loose, neither of the two motors will work. The indicator light will start blinking 5 times in quick succession.
C:  Co circuit board cables (four colours). If this hoverboard cable is disconnected, the motor won’t work.The front light looks okay, but the indicator light will blink once.
D & F: front light cable.
If this cable is loose, the front light won’t work.
J: Charging cable. When the charging cable is loose, the hoverboard cannot receive any charge, obviously.
K: Power Cable. Make sure that it is not loose, otherwise you won’t be able to switch your hoverboard on.
L: Last but not least, the indicator light cable. A disconnected indicator light cable will prevent the indicator from working.
Flashes of indicator light to watch out for
Three times in a row: motor broken or short
Four times in a row: in part H
Five times in a row: in part B
Six times in a row: battery problem, try to replace with a new battery.
7 times in a row: battery side co-board problem, try to replace the co-board.
8 times in a row: power button side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board.
How to reset your hoverboard  
Watch this video to learn how to reset your hoverboard