Adult Scooter – Kickster

Adult Scooter – Kickster

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The Kickster – Why walk to work?
Read before you buy any electric adult scooter

A folding electric adult scooter can speed up your commute dramatically.
With a good electric scooter like the Kickster you’ll never have to stop for traffic.
It’s small enough to fit onto a train’s luggage rack once it is folded.

The Kickster has shorter handle bars. When you are weaving through pedestrians or cars, short handle bars are a lot better to avoid touching anyone.

You really want an adult scooter with a motor at the front like our Kickster.
The electric brake built into front-wheel drive scooters can slow you down far more effectively than a rear disc brake.
It also keeps you from skidding into people or objects.
The best electric scooter for adults will also have a second foot brake over the rear wheel, so you can use both brakes together in an emergency.
Thumb levers give a much better grip on the handle bars than bike style brake levers.

Our Kickster electric scooter for adults has a rubberised computer interface mounted at the front.
Look for a scooter that charges in only a few hours (4 hours), so that you’ll never run out of juice.
But if you get stranded without power it helps to have a scooter which is lightweight and has a low deck height too.
It is much easier to kick off from a low deck because you don’t have to stretch to touch the ground.

If you ever plan to ride the Kickster at night, it is nice to have built-in head lights and tail lights.
If you plan to take your electric adult scooter on the train or bus, you want one that can fold down quickly.

The Kickster – Electric Scooter for Adults Details

Electronic braking system
1. A powerful, smooth and quiet electric scooter for adults with 5 inch air-free tires and 350W motor.
2. Electronic braking system (EBS) with mechanical brake assist allows the battery to be recharged during braking.
3. Solid carbon fibre built with a simple folding latch design, long stable handlebar and bright front LED light.

Extreme Portability of the Kickster

The entire frame and deck of the electric scooter is crafted from high quality Carbon Fiber making it super lightweight yet sturdy.
Weighing just 8.3 kg, this is the perfect scooter for urban commuters.
The compact size and easy-fold function means you can carry it onto public transport.

Ultra Slim 7.6mm Deck

Through the smart use of carbon fibre, the deck is super slim yet strong.
It can handle up to 100 kg of weight while only 7.6mm thin.
The leaf shape of the deck acts as an integrated suspension to smooth out uneven paths.

Advanced Motor Technology

The hub motor of the Kickster is specially developed to be high torque, high-powered yet lightweight.
Through the revolutionary use of Field Oriented Control (FOC) technology, acceleration is smooth and near silent.
It is important that pedestrians can hear you. This is why you can hear a slight whistling sound coming from your electric scooter.
This electric scooter for adults coupled with electronic braking (EBS), allows the battery to be recharged during braking.

Smart and High-Capacity Battery

Using 18650 Samsung™ Lithium Ion cells provide this urban adult scooter with superb range and battery lifespan.
The battery pack is stored in the front steering tube for better heat dissipation and a more even weight distribution.
The battery can travel distances of up to 25 km in range and with a smart BMS (Battery Management System) in place, you need not worry about overcharging or battery malfunctions.

Electronic Details of the Kickster

► Customisable Speed:  8km/h, 16km/h, 23km/h
► Battery cells: Samsung Li-Ion
► Battery capacity: 7000 mAh
► Est. max Cruising distance: 25 km
► Climb angle: 25°
► Motor power: 250 W
► Max. load: 100 kg
► Charging time: 4 h
► Charger: AC 220 V 50~60 Hz
► Readouts: Battery Capacity (6 Bars), Speed (MPH),
Power Level (1-3), Distance, Odometer, Timer
► Drive Mode: Trigger Throttle

Bike Details

► Spread size: 920 x 410 x 1000 mm
► Folded size: 240 x 410 x 1000 mm
► Tire size: 5”
► Total Weight: 8.3 kg
► Frame Type: Folding
► Frame Material: Carbon Fibre and Aluminium Alloy
► Stem: Carbon Fiber contains the batteries


3 reviews for Adult Scooter – Kickster

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I take the short cut through the park now to get to the tube. Only takes me 5 mins instead of 20. Love it!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love my scooter!! Its very light to carry. Batteries get me to and from work (25mins each way). A second charger might be handy for longer commutes though.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Theo Montgomery

    What a bargain, a bit of sneaky support when dropping the kids off at school

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