Hoverboard – Off Road Black Camo

Hoverboard – Off Road Black Camo

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Real Hoverboard

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SUV Black – Quadrilateral LED front lights

This SUV Swegway hoverboard with App function is a sturdy beast.
The app lets set your speed, see the distance you travelled. It also lets you set the sensitivity of your Swegway.

A Real Hoverboard

With the 8.5″ thick tyres you can go places where other hoverboards don’t dare to go.
Bluetooth comes as standard so that you can listen to your favourite music.
Within 2-3 hours the battery is fully charged. Thanks to Lithium-Ion technology it only takes 30 min to charge the battery 80%.

  • LED indicators lets you know how much power you’ve left.
  • High Power LED pathfinder lights under each foot panel helps you see where you are going.
  • Intuitive Control three-axis gyroscopic sensors help you stay on the board.
  • Regenerative Braking is the fancy word for the board using every opportunity to recharge its battery during braking and downhill riding.
  • Your board will only take two hours to charge fully, and you’ll be able to ride for around six hours.
  • Quiet Motor Technology – dual electric motors operate near silently.
  • Hoverboards are the best example for green living and eco transportation, but politicians don’t care.
  • A powerful brushless motor high-quality magnet and stator material provide efficient, reliable power.


Long-Life Battery Cells
UK 3 Pin Certified Chargers
UK Customer Support
App functionality for Android and iPhone


Tyre size: 8.5 Inches
Motor – 400W Sinusoidal brushless
Charger: BSI 1363 UK 3 pin
Charging time: 2 Hours
Range charge: 16 Miles
Battery: Samsung Lithium-ion 36v, 4.4AH
Max Speed: 15Mph | Max Rider weight: 120kg
Dimensions: 584x186x178mm | Board weight: 12kg
Dynamic LED Lights
RoHs Approved/CE Certified
British Plug and Charger

Weight: 18 lbs (Portable and Convenient)
Max Load: 220 lbs
Lasts 3 Hours on 1 Full Charge
8.5″ Long Life Rubber Wheels
Quiet Motor Technology – 2x 400W
Water Resistant  & Dustproof

  • Quiet Motor Technology – 2x 400W
  • Water Resistant  & Dust proof
  • Hard ABS body casing
  • LED light on top of the board
  • Full charge takes ± 2 hours
  • Rotate 360° fast on the spot (can rotate without moving forwards or backwards)
  • speed and range may differ based on rider weight, terrain, temperature and driving style
  • Make sure to wear safety gear
  • Use in dry weather only
  • This product is not intended for use on public roads
  • Check with the laws in your country before using this device



Visual Check Prior To Shipping our real hoverboard

Our boards undergo a quick check prior to shipping to make sure you receive the best product possible. The machine is checked for marks and breaks, we will also switch it on and spin the wheels to see if everything runs smoothly.

Please make sure to NOT charge your hoverboard overnight and please sure that you do NOT overload your extensions.



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