Chrome Pink Hoverboard 6.5″

Chrome Pink Hoverboard 6.5″

£269.00 £229.00

6.5″ Chrome Pink Hoverboard 36V 4400 mAh Li-Ion, two 350 watts engines.


Chrome Pink Hoverboard 6.5″

The hottest outdoor toy of 2018 is here – the Hoverboard is the item that is probably the coolest vehicle we have seen in a long time.
This model automatically sits up when turned on. It works like other hoverboards, but mounting it is easier because it uses the technology used in Swegways which auto corrects. It is the upgraded hi-spec model, with a powerful battery upgrade, Bluetooth Speaker, LED lights and remote control
These 2-wheel self balancing Swegway scooter have a built in gyro which keeps it upright, the user stands on the board and leans in the direction they want to travel, turning comes naturally. To turn on the spot, you simple push one foot forward and one foot backwards, it really is that simple! Swegway hoverboard self balance scooters could not be easier to use!

They are incredibly easy to use within 5 minutes of practice you will feel like you have been on it for years. Very much like a bike once you learn to ride a hover board swegway you never forget it.


  • 36V Lithium Branded Samsung Battery (15 Mile Range)
  • 2 x 350w Branded Motors
  • LED Lights
  • 120kg Max Load
  • 15KM/H Max Speed
  • Wheel Size 17cm
  • Weight 12kg
  • Charging Time 2 Hour
  • Length – 59cm
  • Width – 18.5cm
  • Height – 18cm


Standard Delivery: 2 – 3 days

Please make sure to NOT overload your extensions when charging your hoverboard.


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