Classic Hoverkart

Classic Hoverkart


Hoverkart fun – best outdoor toy 2018

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Turn your hoverboard into a Gokart with our superb range of hoverkarts.

A lot of people already have a hoverboard, Simply attach a hoverkart on top of a hoverboard and you will have created a mini gokart and you’ll get the same thrill driving it as with a gokart.

Save yourself a lot of money. Instead of going to a gokarting rink, just get yourself or your kid a hoverkart and start racing. You will find that it is surprisingly easy to get your child away from sitting in frtont of a computer or a gaming console once you introduce a hoverkart.

One of the most comfortable and robust seats in the hoverkart range are bucket seats.

It is exceedingly simple to attach the seats to a hoverboard, Easier than putting together furniture from Ikea.
Why wait, get yourself the latest kit of fun with our Drifter hoverkart.


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