Electric Scooter & Hoverboard Review

Electric Scooter & Hoverboard Review

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The Swift Hoverboard

Scooter & Hoverboard Review 2018

The Classic Hoverboard

Incl. VAT 20%

Delivery time ca 2-3 days except at weekends

Whatever colour you go for, the Classic hoverboard is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that sits safely in a fireproof aluminium case. At only 9.3kg it is also the lightest of all our hoverboards, and very easy to handle. Hoverboard SWIFT is powered by two 350 watt engines and reaches maximum speeds of 15 km/h.
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The Flowstar Hoverboard

The Disco Hoverboard Tyres Bluetooth Ultra-Stable and Easy to Ride

Incl. VAT 20%

Delivery time ca 2-3 days except at weekends

Quick introduction to our Scooter & Hoverboard Review. The rubber tyres on the Disco ensures it’s an easy ride right from the start, even for first time riders. This 10kg scooter is powerful thanks to the 36V 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery. The Disco can accelerate smoothly to 12 m/ph. As with all our electric scooters, this one has CE, FCC and GS certifications incorporating the necessary machine directives.

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Hummer Hoverboard

The SUV Extreme

All Terrain Hoverboard 8.5” tyres Bluetooth, 800 Watts & App

Incl. VAT 20%

Delivery time ca 4-5 days except on weekends

This hoverboard can take you out of the city and onto country paths. This machine can handle non-urban terrain, making it perfect for out-of-town trips. The SUV Extreme Swegway also has plenty of amusing and useful app functionalities. You can listen to music, adjust the sensitivity of your board or set a maximum speed. The Hoverboard app works on Android and on iPhones.

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Kick & Commute

Kickster – Kick & Commute 250W

Incl. VAT 20%

Delivery time ca 4-5 days except at weekends

If you want to commute, this electric kick-style scooter is the one. Crafted from carbon fibre and weighing only 13.8 pounds, it’s our lightest scooter. You can carry it anywhere including onto public transport and up stairs. Its foldaway design means it can be stored easily too. This premium commuter scooter has a three speed setting with a maximum speed of 15 mph. The battery’s smart BMS (Battery Management System) allows you to travel 25km without re-charging. With this machine, there’s no need to worry about battery malfunctions.

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Adult Scooter for commuters Kickster
Hoverboard with handlebar

Segboards - Easy Comfort

Bossy & Bossman

Incl. VAT 20%

Delivery time ca 4-5 days except weekends

Segboard is our largest range of electric scooters.  An upright handle makes steering easy. The Segboards come in two sizes the BOSSY 10” inflatable tyres, 800W runs for up to 20km on only one charge. It is powered by two 400 Watt engines and a 36V Lithium-Ion battery, 5500maH. The BOSSMAN 1300W is powered by two 650 Watt engines and a 63V Lithium-Ion battery, 5500maH.  Inflatable 15” tyres ensure a smooth ride even across rougher terrain. A remote control allows you to switch the power on and off from a distance.

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The Scooter & Hoverboard Review

Electric scooter for all


Check out our Scooter & Hoverboard Review!

Riding our electric scooter, you really feel like you are hovering.
Standing upright while reaching speeds of up to 20km/h gives you a unique and refreshing sensation. Owning one of these machines means you can enjoy it every day.  Our scooters can cover distances of up to 25km.

Why buy an Electric Scooter from “Hoverboard-UK”?

Apart from being the first company in the UK to offer batteries in fireproof casing, our certifications are second to none.

We love what we sell.  We are more than happy to explain our products and answer queries in English, German and French. Call us.

We have a huge range of electric scooters and the best prices. If you don’t see the vehicle you want, just ask. No other company in the UK can import as quickly as we can.

Which model is right for you?

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